The Cat House Dogs' story began in Toronto, Canada in 1992 when singer Todd Sharman auditioned drummer Randy James for his band "Headfirst". They both shared a love for straight-ahead rock 'n' roll and a desire to play their own songs. They formed a new band with bassist Paul Whiteside, guitarists Mark Higginbottom and Stephen Ruppert.

The first self-funded and self-produced release was 2005's "Bark," which gained great success and popularity. From a show that consisted of original music along with killer-no-filler cover material, a fan base quickly began to grow.

A second album released in late 2007 titled "That Was Now" made The Cat House Dogs cross borders being heard on radio stations as far as Australia, Germany and Japan. The eclectic playlist adopted its own vibe, all the while hanging on to the same distinct sound the band is known for.

"It would be a bit pretentious to try to come up with a big concept or strong theme album at this stage of our game. So, we just tried to write good songs one at a time for the sake of themselves," comments Paul.

The Cat House Dogs recently gained national exposure through the E! channel documentary Tribute Bands, which focused on the band's rise to popularity. After impressing producers, President of EMI Michael McCarty was brought in for the recording of "That was Now." To the delight of the CHD, he was pleased explaining,

"When you hear good music it's exciting,
and that music is good."

The band continues to perform with the same integrity and intensity that has gained them a reputation as a grass roots rock 'n' roll band with a truly spontaneous punch.

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